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We are not a real guild, just couple friends who are looking for *liked-mind* players who want to zerg thru quests for xp.  We have play these quest over hundreds of times and know them inside and out.  We typically play between 12 AM EST - 12 PM, varies slightly depending on RL events.   We don't care what guild affiliation you have, but static group takes precedence over your guild activities.  

Apply via in game chat room - /joinchannel epigs

Our play style:
 1) zerg.  round up mobs and AOE doom
 2) fast completion and no optional - unless it yields a lot of xp
 3) skip quest rewards - not that it's any good
 4) repeat quest over and over until 0 xp.  typically 7-8 times on normal, 1 on hard, 1 elite.
 5) only do quests that yields maximum xp in little time.  ideally we strive to achive 1k xp per 1 - 2m.  Anything over 2m, isn't worth the time doing.
 6) hold off leveling until we milk all the xp possible for quests of that given level
 7) we only do quest that are 1 lvl below us to avoid xp loss
 8) we often short-man quests, since most quest can be completed with a single caster, obviously more ppl means quest can be done faster
 9) party members are encourage to spread out and complete quest objectives independently to speed up quest completion time.
10) we do not wait for every member of party b4 starting quest.  if u absolutely need to go afk.  afk in quest and pike.  we have no problem with you piking as long as you pull your weight later while others can pike.
11) there isn't a full time healer and we don't expect one, so be self-sufficient

Candidates that we seek:
1) know most the quest that we are doing
2) able to learn quickly quest that you don't know
3) be self-sufficient (carry pots, heals, buffs etc..)
4) experienced veterans who has enuff gold in piggy bank that wont stop at chest
5) have a sense of humor and don't be an ass.  
6) have mulitple toons in varies levels or be willing to lvl multiple toons
7) i have 0-tolerance toward most noobs, if that offends u, go away

what about ....?
1) favors - do it on your own time
2) slayers/rares - do it on your own time
3) quest flagging - depends on xp yeild, typically we wont do it
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